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They say “We have good food and best view”, this is our slogan. Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant is tastefully decorated, located along the road heading towards Kamala Beach and it comes with a splendid view that overlooks the entire Patong Bay. It is considerably a romantic spot, especially when you get a table by the edge to catch the sun set during the evening.

You can find one of the best views at the Pan Yaah Patong restaurant, this restaurant is located north on road 4233 heading toward Kamala Beach Phuket. One thing I like about the Pan Yaah is the location, away from main Patong and you get a great view of Patong bay from the northern end. If you are driving here the parking is pretty tight, at least with a car so keep this in mind if you go when the place is busy.

The food is good and the portions are not bad for the price you pay, depending upon the amount of customers they sometimes have part of the restaurant closed, but the main part is always open and has the best view. Below are some pictures and video of our view, we got here on a late Saturday afternoon so there was not that many customers present.

I would add this into one of my romantic Phuket dininglocations category, great view of Patong beach, fantastic bay view and service that is one of the best in Phuket. This is just a simple review of one of our favorite places to dine in Phuket, I try to write and get as much media as possible during my travels around this beautiful tropical island.

Despite Patong having a glut of restaurants it seems that finding anything good is actually not so easy so a little insider knowledge can go a long way and Pan Yaah was actually recommended to me by the hotel I was staying in.

Its a Thai restaurant and its located on a cliff in the Baan Rim Pa area of town on the left-side as you drive towards Kamala Beach (just before you get to the Kamila Resort). I checked it out on Tripadvisor first and people hadn’t really rated it but I gave it a go anyway and I wasn’t disappointed.

What I found when I arrived was a beautifully-decorated traditional Thai eatery with some beautiful wood detail and beautiful lighting. Its small facade hides a rather large dining area set over two levels. But the highlight of Pan Yaah is its wonderful and uninterrupted views of Patong Beach; a real bonus. The food was well-presented and there were some really good dishes.

The prawn tom-yum was very tasty, well-spiced and set-off beautifully by the sweetness of the coconut milk. My first ever taste of phad prik was not disappointing either but the real stand-out dish was the dimsum which was as good as I’ve eaten.

The whole meal (no alcoholic drinks) was 1,070thb (£20,$30) which was for 5 dishes. Service was fine.

Pan Yaah was a really good find and just goes to prove that you can’t always believe what you read. If you like Thai (or chinese) food its worth the short drive out of town.

  • Sweeping views over Patong bay while you dine on a fine selection of Thai Cuisine, and enjoy a bottle of fine wine, make for a very special dining experience at “Pan Yaah” Thai Restaurant.

Indulge yourself in the Orient’s finest cuisine, prepared and supervised by our Thai Chef. Beautifully presented dishes made from the very highest quality ingredients will pamper your palate and tantalise your taste buds.

This restaurant has a magnificent view of Patong Bay and the food is excellent and the staff are friendly, all in all a very nice place to eat and relax over a couple of Heinekins are a hectic day…

and we got down to some serious eating. We began with a thai version ofoysters Rockefeller called _____this dish allows the ingredients, garlic with cheese to be individual cooking- a good start and highly recommended by us

Thai Curry Fish Custard | Hor Mok | ห่อหมก

Steamed Fish with Curry Paste in Coconut. The main ingredients are coconut milk and special red spicy curry paste mixed with fish meat.


Pandan Leaf Chicken (Gai Hor Bai Toey) – The chicken is seasoned with various spices and it was wrapped with pandan leaves. Then, fry in hot oil until become a delicious Pandan Leaf Chicken. Smell nice from pandan leaf, with salty and sweet taste of sesame sauce. ‘Pandan Leaf Chicken’ can be perfect light meal and perfect main dish as well. http://en.foodtravel.tv/recfoodShow_Detail.aspx?viewId=173


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9b-zAtmwdY This Thai food is the one that not spicy and well known among foreigners who love Thai foods,if you used fried boiled-eggs in stead of shrimps it will be ” Eggs Of Son in law” 0r” Khai- look -kiey.”One of the most famous Thai dishes.

Next came the true Phuket institution, the deep fried fresh fish with garlic and pepper. The fish is scored and the resulting fish is crunchy and delicious.

Another pure local only dish is the dried shrimp chili paste which you can see being made here. careful this one is spicy to the core, so be prepared.

Another southern dish here is the yellow curry with a variety of seafood and coconut palm hearts and plenty of local spices. This curry does not use any coconut milk, making it unusual

Next Thom Ka gai which is similar to thom yam but is not spicy, instead reflecting sweet and sour tastes. This soupy dish is excellent and good for all tastes

Next, stir fried morning glory, flash cooked rapidly over high heat to cook it while preserving the texture of the vegetable. You can see that the cooking process takes about a minute only…

Finally a panang chicken curry, Phuket has cultural Hokkien connections to panang and this curry, while it is supposed to be mildly spiced, in the south, you can expect plenty of spice to be included. truly excellent and a good ending to the evening with a slice of pineapple.


You can get all the classic Thai dishes – like spicy Thai Salad (THB 180), Red Curry Beef (THB 170), Green Curry Chicken (THB 175), Phad Thai (THB 140) – at Pan Yaah, but you have to try its Tom Yum Kung (THB 200) which is so satisfyingly spicy with a kick.


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